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A spaceship entirely controlled by a computer can fly, dodge, and land just a well as a human. But as soon as it takes a single shot during combat, it's almost certainly going to lose a core system and will cease to function. What is the use of a space ship if it dies after the first hit?

Only a human being can make up the difference. While redundancies and safeties can be engineered into the design of a ship, no robot can be created that can fix every problem, and certainly not with any speed. Only a human has the rapid problem-solving ability, combined with incredible dexterity and muscle memory, to fix a problem that arises. When a system has a hole pierced through it, a trained plumber can patch it while half-asleep. Denting a delicate life-support chamber is fine as long as a human is there to strip away dangerous parts and maintain the flow of chemicals.

This RPG is a science fiction campaign centered around realistic space combat, except that the players hardly participate in the combat itself at all. Instead, the players must understand their particular systems of the ship well enough to identify problems, come up with solutions, and then fix those problems. The players will not be valiant heroes nor mystery investigators, instead they will be average mechanics, plumbers, and pilots who are forced to fix extreme problems, in complicated subsystems, under dangerous circumstances.


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